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I had my first motorbike in Ireland in my teens, and have had an interest in bikes and scooters ever since. However, it was in 2019 after moving to Australia, that the opportunity opened up, for me to finally puruse a form of riding I'd been in awe of for a long time - adventure riding.

It had been a while since I'd been riding motorbikes and I wanted to ease back in carefully. After a lot of research I purchased a BMW 700GS and re-started riding. Then, after more research I purchased my dream bike a BMW 1250GSA.

I decided to start a You Tube channel, and this site, to share the information I've found useful on my journey back into riding and into adventure riding specifically. I'll be sharing information on the bikes I'm riding, the courses I've taken, equipment I've purchased, and adventure rides I do.

If you're interested in motorbikes and adventure riding please subscribe to my channel, if you have any questions about adventuring riding you'd like to ask please get in touch, and if you're in Australia and interested in possibly catching up for a ride let me know.


I'm based in NSW and am normally riding in the Greater Sydney, Southern Highlands, Southern Tablelands and Canberra regions. However, I am planning to explore more of Australia in the next couple of years.

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